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All kind of Design Styles:

Skydog work can be technically accurate (cars, architecture, etc...), expressionistic (spaceships, abstract thoughts), impressionistic (true-to-life situations & characters) or academical (perspective, shadows & lights, larger than life figures), all depending on the demands of the storyline or of the advertisement concept.
You can have a look at different series of examples by clicking on each of the small buttons in the yellow stripe at the top of this page.


Trying to be a descent human being, the writer Wolfgang Schnecksnyder struggles against all kind of iniquities, crookery and plain injustice. As if that wasn't enough, he has to box his way through his own depressions, too. Fortunately, one of the many wonders of his (very graphic) World, is that help, warmth and charity come from its most unexpected corners.
Scnecksnyder Pictures


Vincent Vespa:
If not for his long, long hair and his rasta philosophy, Vincent Vespa is a classic private detective meeting all shades of under-, semi- and louche- world characters. He doesn't care for authority, either.
Vincent vespa Pictures


Middle-Ages Saga:
See the Wise Starrzelius, Princess Toady, Baron Stonebaffer, Knightlady Marzipane and their preraphaelitic universe of unending forests, enchanted fountains, monsters in guise of men, heroes in guise of insect warriors, and not so Round Tables.

Middle-Ages Picture


Science Fiction:
The stars, the wondrous creatures and the faraway future, all right out of the ink pot. You'd never believe it's black ink because Skydog's Science Fiction Stories are unconventionally optimistic. Visit the galaxies the way they are in our hopes and dreams.
Science Fiction Pictures


Jeanny Longlegs and her dog Pat ride through the myths of the West. The esthetics of the Frontier, the scenery of the landscapes and a whole cast of picturesque characters, they're all there.
Western Picture


Here you'll find single illustrations from advertisement, covers, concept designs, etc... Often done in full varied colour without the classical black line comics delineation (Oils, Watercolors, Acrylics, Mixed Medias, Computer, etc...). For all kind of themes, in all kind of styles.
Full Colour Illustrations


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