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Welcome to the Skydog homepage

Based in Germany, Skydog is a Comics Studio, with long years of international experience.
We draw all kinds of characters and write their stories in a lot of different styles, for all possible applications.
We specialize in funny animals, classic, and realistic comics. We can develop all-new original characters, or we can work on licensed figures as well. Creation of 3-D figures is one of our strong assets.
Most of all, we like to have fun drawing, designing, sculpting, modeling, coloring,writing and plotting comic characters breathing and living in their comic world!

Next steps

Please feel free to browse around our web site and discover all that Skydog has to offer. Maybe you'll find here great inspiration for some future creative cooperation.
Our different styles and techniques are all displayed in their own sections. You can visit them in details by clicking on theit titles in the left indigo blue column.

Of course, this Web site will keep on expanding. So if you didn't find the type of illustration you were looking for, it is possible that it will be to be found in the artworks that will be posted in the next future.

Of course, we don't want you to wait so long: You can also join us at once by sending us an E-mail

We'll be very glad to hear from you, and we'll get back personally to you and supply you with the samples or informations that you wish.

  German Version / Deutsche Fassung

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